Squirrel Pulpy Fiction Thingy
Cast Germaine


Release date 2003
Producer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Writer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Animators(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers

"Squirrel Pulpy Fiction" is an unnumbered interactive episode of Neurotically Yours that was released on January 15, 2003. Jonathan Ian Mathers removed the episode in 2004, although unofficial copies remain on the internet.

The title of the episode is a reference to the 1994 film Pulp Fiction and it contains torture elements similar to those seen in the film.

Plot Edit

Foamy informs the viewer that Germaine has been neglecting to feed him. Seeking retaliation, he requests the viewer to "rough her up" to make her start giving him the proper amount of food.

The viewer then tortures Germaine, who has been bound over a table, by striking her naked buttocks with a wooden board. During the torture, the viewer is given the option of how much pain is inflicted on her by selecting one of 12 "pain level" skulls, with 12 being the most painful. When the highest pain level is selected, the board strikes Germaine so hard, it knocks off her backside and kills her.

With his owner dead, Foamy angrily berates the viewer for killing Germaine, noting that now he has nobody to feed him.

Transcript Edit

Foamy speaks directly to the viewer

Okay, here's the deal. My owner, like, doesn't give me enough food, so here's what you to do. I want you to rough her up, okay? So, just do that and let her know she should feed her squirrel. So you go do that. And get back to me.

Germaine is bound over a table with her pants removed and a ball gag in her mouth. Pressing the 12 "pain level" skulls prompts a wooden board to strike her rear, with the higher numbers inflicting stronger strikes and a more pained reaction from Germaine. If the highest pain level (12) is selected, the board knocks off her entire backside, killing her.

Hey, what are you, fucking stupid? I told you to rough her up, not fucking kill her! She's fucking dead! My God, you're so stupid. Now who the hell's going to feed me? How can you even hold down a job?

End screen appears

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