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Sitcom Silliness
Foamy The Squirrel - Sitcom Silliness.png
Cast Foamy

Germaine Anchovie

Episode 2.06
Running time 1:09
Release date 2003
Producer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Writer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Animators(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Previous Episode The Owner
Next Episode First Meeting of the Card Cult

Publishers Summary[]

Foamy is angry with the sitcom.


Dude, I am so sick of trying to watch some fucking sitcom that's suppose to be funny, and all they do is rely on sexual innuendo to make people laugh. It's so fuckin' lame. Y'know it's usualy the same kind of shitty dumbass remarks about breats and male organs. All these fucking writers just can't come up with some sophisticated humor or wordplay so they rely on the same old tricks and appeal to the lowest common denominator.
It's not funny. It's like the same people who try to use fart jokes to make people laugh. Gimme a fuckin' break, that shit went out with Rodney Dangerfield and Andrew Dice Clay. Like anyone finds the humour in jokes about one's mother.
Mother jokes are so old... so are insults about one's mother. Like the biggest insult one can face is an insult about one's mother. Fuck that. Next time someone says something like "Yeah, well I fucked your mom last night" You look that dumb ass straight in the eye and say, "well, that's too bad, while you were wasting your time trying to get laid by old ladies, I carved out your mothers eye sockets with a razor blade and then sold her ass as a bondage sloave to the Japanese Mafia and they've been shoving flesh eating carrion ants into her ass and videotaped if for internet.

Broadcasting. How do you like that?

Now that is an insult. If that does'nt do it, take it up a notch. Tell them you carved your name on the inside of their uterus with a butter knife while she was having oral sex with the family dog. Guaranteed they'll throw a punch at you. Now where was i? Oh yeah, sitcoms suck.

Yo Mamma!

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