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Image Title Number
The Cult Returns 9.01
Foamy creates a new holy relic for the masses!
Foamy Cult Meeting 9.02
Foamy gathers his staff for an intense cult meeting.
Girl's Camp 9.03
Germaine gets bent out of shape when she reads an article about a camp for girls.
Show Nowhere 9.04
A rant about the swill being passed off as entertainment on television.
Footwear 9.05
Pilz-E has a problem with those funny little things we use to cover our feet.
Breast Physics 9.06
Begley & Germaine have a meaningful conversation about boobs.
Fake Awake 9.07
For those who think they're "awake"... go back to bed.
Panty Raid 9.08
Germaine has all her underwear stolen and wants to implement a security system.
Social Network Of Idiots II 9.09
Bickering fools and random D-Bags have made the friends list a nightmare.
Last Coffee House Stand 9.10
Foamy accepts the inevitable... trendy coffee houses will not die...
M.P.H. 9.11
Germaine & Begley discuss the speed of bodily fluids.
Removal Of Ownership 9.12
We all own a bunch of stuff... but not really...
Reboot Button 9.13
Sick of hearing Germaine's nonsense... Foamy gives her a mysterious reboot button.
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