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Radio Offer 8.01
Pilz-E wants to take part in a special radio offer.
The Handshake 8.02
A simple greeting has gotten way too complex.
The Book Cover 8.03
Germaine asks Foamy for help in putting together the artwork for her self published poetry book.
The Website 8.04
Germaine's good intentions to create a companion website for her book has one major flaw.
Museums 8.05
Certain people and cultural appreciation just don't mix.
Diet? Tried It! 8.06
Germaine's attempt at dieting goes horribly wrong. There is evil at work.
Midnight Release 8.07
Germaine & Foamy wait on line for the midnight release of a much anticipated video game.
Online Quiz 8.08
Foamy has Germaine take an online quiz.
Squirrel Songs VII 8.09
Foamy & Germaine try to raise money to pay their rent through song!
Street Poet 8.10
Germaine tries one last time to make money on the streets... but in a good way.
Street Poet 8.11
Germaine tries one last time to make money on the streets... but in a good way.
In Gloom 8.12
Germaine realizes she needs to get her life in order. Foamy wants coffee-soda.
Your Move 8.13
Germaine has a plan to move while Foamy works on his cult.
Back Packin' It 8.14
Germaine leaves while Foamy continues his work on his cult.
Travel Log 8.15
Germaine makes an entry in her diary while traveling north.
Quiet Please 8.16
While Germaine is away, Hatta' has a plan for her abandoned Morrissey CDs.
Travel Log II 8.17
The most important of the 3 Travel Log cartoons. Germaine comes to a realization about the world around her.
Small, Medium, Large & Larger 8.18
Foamy is introduced to a new coffee cup size. He is not pleased.
Travel Log III 8.19
Germaine's last Travel Log entry.
Post Cards From The Ledge 8.20
Foamy & Pilz-E receive a postcard from Germaine and prep for her return.
Germaine Returns 8.21
Germaine returns from her travels!
The Scholarship 8.22
Germaine continues to get her life in order while Foamy mysteriously works at the computer.
Episode 234 - Equal Opportunity
Equal Opportunity 8.23
The Hatta' talks about his education while Germaine works on a paper.
Clothes Donation 8.24
Germaine donates all her old clothes and mentally re-establishes herself as a stronger person for her harsh life experiences. Good times.
Secret Of The Foamy Cult 8.25
A documentary chronicling the mysterious actions of one, Foamy The Squirrel. Prepare for the Cult of Foamy!

Image Title Number
Halloween Hoopla II
A special Halloween Foamy episode! Because Halloween... ain't what it use to be. It's your duty to spread this message far and wide so this Halloween does not suck! Seriously.
X-Mas Songs
A holiday rant about lack-luster holiday music.
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