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Image Title Number
Best Thing Ever 7.01
For folks who know that special person who always thinks everything they like is awesome... all the time!
Unreal Estate 7.02
Pilz-E gets into real estate. Also first episode with Germaine's new look... which I'll probably change again in a few months 'cause I'm picky.
Game Trade-Ins 7.03
For folks looking for a fair trade at your local game store... keep lookin'.
Word Games 7.04
Germaine & The Hatta' have a difference of opinion about what constitutes proper grammar.
Social Network Of Idiots 7.05
Because being social now requires a keyboard...
Lecture 7.06
Secret Word Meanings, Poetry Lectures & Mind Control! MIND CONTROL!!!
Online Shopping 7.07
No lines, but still a hassle.
Escort Mission 7.08
Certain aspects of game play.. Germaine does not care for.
You Boob-Tube 7.09
Not all user generated videos need to be viewed.
Cruelty Free 7.10
Pilz-E wonders about the logistics of a cruelty free meal.
Motivational Posters 7.11
Personally, I'm not very motivated.
Academic Alert 7.12
Germaine is given an academic warning for a basic class... and someone needs soda.
Western Zen 7.13
Some folks are not as enlightened as they think they are.
Left In Charge 7.14
Germaine leaves foamy in the care of another....
A Scene From A Poetry Tour 7.15
Germaine does a poetry reading at a seedy Bar & Restaurants with mixed results....
Foamy Fan Mail XIV 7.16
Foamy responds to your fan mail about Germaine, Obsessed fans & Jesus.
Cadaveric Spasm 7.17
Germaine returns from her Poetry Tour to discover something has gone horribly wrong. NSFW!!!
Germaine For Stupids 7.18
The character development plot of Germaine unleashed for those who are blatantly fucking stupid!
Sex Or Violence 7.19
Begley ponders what is worse for one to be exposed to. Sex or Violence.
No For An Answer 7.20
Because some people just can't take a hint...
Follow-Up Letter 7.21
Tired of being rejected, Germaine writes a letter to potential poetry publisher.
Diet Riot 7.22
Germaine tries to go on a diet and requests Foamy's help.
Ads Subtract 7.23
A rant about advertising... brought to you... by advertising! It's a rant drenched in irony!
Suicide Hotline 7.24
Germaine has hit her all time low and seeks guidance from a Suicide Hotline.
Nuts To You II 7.25
A return to the long lost wholesome values that Foamy represents. Not really.
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