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Image Title Number
People Bacon 6.01
Foamy can't quite comprehend the idea of "sunbathing".
Telekinetic Pornography 6.02
Germaine fantasizes about an alternative income.
Forum Bore Em 6.03
A rant about how the once mighty forum has become a playground for the intellectually bankrupt.
Radio Contest 6.04
Pilz-E wants to take part in a special radio offer.
Black Hollywood 6.05
The Hatta' rants about the lack of diversity in Hollywood.
Foamy Fan Mail XII 6.06
The mail! THE MAIL!!!!
Political Shifty 6.07
All politicians suck. Period. No matter who. There is... no change.
Book Binding 6.08
An Original Idea 6.09
Germaine laments about the lack of originality in storyline, meanwhile, Foamy has ideas of his own.
Picture Imperfect 6.10
A rant about that annoying shutterbug in your life.
A Missing Element 6.11
Germaine searches for that missing element that keeps her from getting her poetry published.
A Womans Deceit 6.12
A rant about how women deceive men without even realizing it.
Special Report 6.13
The Big Game 6.14
Germaine adds her own flavor to the world of sports.
Bastardized Musicals 6.15
Foamy bitches about the sad state of the musical.
Tech Support V 6.16
How would you act if you just gave your 2 weeks notice?
A Change of Face 6.17
Germaine gives herself a make-over... of sorts.
It's A Bald World After All 6.18
Germaine & Foamy discuss how the world treats a bald chick.
Achievements 6.19
Foamy rants about game Achievements on the Xbox 360 / PS3 Etc.
Muffin Massacre 6.20
Pilz-E over-reacts when he finds a squished muffin in the street.
Fashions 6.21
A rant about the futility of fashion.
Begley's Bad Puns 6.22
Subliminal Cut 6.23
Foamy & Germaine discover ads in their video game.
Comics and Movies 6.24
Foamy rants about the rampant abuse of the comic book through film adaptation.
Eaters Anonymous 6.25
Germaine seeks help for her eating disorder.
Fat Idols 6.26
An enlightening rant about the slow disappearance of fat people in the media.
Zip Codes 6.27
A simple transaction is not so simple anymore.
Go Green 6.28
Going Green? I don't think so. A Foamy rant about the hypocritical tree-hugger.
Foamy Fan Mail XIII 6.29
The 13th round of Foamy Fan Mail! 13th! Stop It!
Creative Cremation 6.30
Creative ways to make your final day fun for all.
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