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Image Title Number
Car Wash 5.01
Germaine is a bit ticked off at a local school's all girl car wash.
Foamy Fan Mail XI 5.02
The MAIL!!! IT NEVER ENDS!!!! Gah!
Gym Teachers 5.03
Hate over-the-top gym teachers?
A-Gore-Aphobia 5.04
Pilz-E explains his fear to Germaine.
Walkie Talkie 5.05
Foamy needs to get in the bathroom.
Black Magic Metal 5.06
The Hatta has his first run-in with "black metal".
Coffee Flavors 5.07
Pilz-E discusses all his ideas for new coffee flavors.
Caffeine Conspiracy 5.08
Foamy reveals the grand conspiracy behind the trendy coffee-house known as Starschmucks.
Mini Marts 5.09
Always check the expiration date.
Hammers And Floodlights 5.10
A rant about the idiocy of the every day driver and how to handle it.
Cereal Box Prize 5.11
Foamy searches for a cereal box prize.
Math Metal 5.12
Pilz-E discovers the joys of math metal.... sort of.
Indie Film 5.13
Some indie film is not so indie.
Friendly Messages III 5.14
Conspire To Rewire 5.15
Foamy & Begley rewire a sex robot meant for the pizza delivery guy down the hall.
Hot Dog Envy 5.16
People Pissing Me Off 5.17
A short list of human beings that have been pissing of the almighty Foamy.
Squirrel Songs V 5.18
More musical goodness from the all powerful Foamy!
New Used 5.19
A rant about how video game stores abuse their customers and over charge for used crap.
Friendly Messages IV 5.20
Nextdoor Neighbor 5.21
Germaine becomes a bit too obsessed with the guy next-door.
Cell Phones 5.22
Ducky Of Evil Returns 5.23
Cow-Mouflage 5.24
A rant about "urban" clothing and the people suckered into wearing it.
Child Proof Caps 5.25
Pilz-E requires Germaine's help in removing a pesky child-proof cap.
Restaurants II 5.26
Another rant about the issues of eating elsewhere.
Horror Flick Chicks 5.27
Germaine complains about how women are portrayed in horror films. Meanwhile, Foamy just wants to watch a new movie about a killer munchkin.
Door Holding Feminists And Baby Brigaders 5.28
Common courtesy is not so common anymore.
Squirrel Songs VI 5.29
Pilz-E takes over the squirrel songs and it's pill-popping goodness for all.
Gummie Bear Graveyard 5.30
Germaine leaves treats for the dead...
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