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Image Title Number
Cute Mute 4.01
Germaine takes in a new room mate.
Mexico Es Muy Bien 4.02
The upside of breaking in through bordes.
Solitaire Confinement 4.03
Germaine tries to teach Pilz-E how to play Texas Hold 'Em.
Squirrel Songs II 4.04
The second bathc of squirrel songs from Foamy!
Who would Win In A Fight? 4.05
Foamy poses a Vs. question to Joanna (a.k.a. Mutie)
Battery Low 4.06
Foamy rants about battery life and the iPod.
Fomay Fan Mail X 4.07
Foamy responds to more mail... because people keep sending... more mail!
Hatta's Rant II 4.08
The Hatta pops off at the mouth for a second time!
Evil Corporate Zombies 4.09
Foamy rants about the origins of Zombies!
Reptile Crunch 4.10
Joanna (aka Mutie) has a conversation of sorts with Pilz-E.
Once You Go Black 4.11
The Hatta & Foamy battle wits with an age old phrase.
Useless Software 4.12
Germaine's PDA has all sorts of useless software.
Letter To Santa 4.13
Foamy writes a letter to Saint Nick in this Foamy Holiday Classic.
Deck Waving 4.14
Germaine tries to manipulate a game of poker with uneven results.
Jump Rope Record 4.15
Word Association 4.16
Germaine gives Pilz-E a word association test.
Accidents At Home 4.17
Accidents can happan... anywhere! Especially the home.
Focus Pocus 4.18
Foamy tries to distract Joanna (a.k.a. Mutie) from her meditation.
Friendly Messages 4.19
Squirrel Songs III 4.20
Foamy sings for all in the third installment of Squirrel Songs.
V-Day 4.21
Germaine bitches about the insincere motives behind Valentine's Day.
Celebrities 4.22
A rant about celebrities and our fascination with them.
Tips 4.23
Everyone expects a tip these days.
Smokin' Smokers 4.24
A rant about smokers who can't make up their mind.
Friendly Messages II 4.25
A Plotless Conversation 4.26
A conversation... with no plot.
Comedians 4.27
Some comedians are not so funny.
Chamber of Human Horrors 4.28
Foamy gives a tour of his own... chamber of horrors.... from the squirrel perspective
Unamusement Park 4.29
A rant about Amusement Park goers... 'cause there's always one, every year.
Squirrel Songs IV 4.30
Squirrel songs for all!
Mint Spaghetti 4.31
Pilz-E has his own special meal made for dinner.
TV 4.32
Foamy rants about those damn ads that pop up during your TV shows.
Tech-Support IV 4.33
What happens when Tech Support calls you?
Hot Enough For Ya? 4.34
Death 4.35
No one likes death... especially Foamy.
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