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The Hatta - Episode.png
The Hatta 3.01
Foamy introduces his new friend to Germaine.
Yesterday Mail 3.02
Foamy figures out how to beat the post office... "For when you need it there before you send it!".
Channels 3.03
Foamy and The Hatta' flip through TV stations.
A Pair Of Pants 3.04
Germaine ties to find a pair of pants without some logo on it.
Biggest Fear 3.05
Foamy and Germaine discuss their biggest fear.
Foamy Fan Mail VII 3.06
Fans keep writing, Foamy keeps answering!
Open Mic Night II 3.07
Open your ears to the laments of the one named Germaine.
Pancake Madness 3.08
How to have fun with pancakes.
Handmade Clothes 3.09
Foamy stumbles upon Germaine sewing herself some clothes and asks why not buy at the store.
Foamy Fan Mail VIII 3.10
It NEVER ends!!!!
Sacred Space 3.11
Germaine tries to teach Foamy about disrupting one's personal space.
Drugs In Your Head 3.12
A rant about drug users and some of their idiotic excuses for using them.
Unmentionable Auction 3.13
Foamy auctions off Germaine's underwear to raise money for his cult.
Tech Support II 3.14
A second call to Tech Support just causes more problems.
Pilz-E makes a voodoo doll of Germaine.
Halloween Hoopla 3.16
A special Halloween Foamy episode! Because Halloween... ain't what it use to be. It's your duty to spread this message far and wide so this Halloween does not suck! Seriously.
Lewd Lingerie 3.17
Germaine messes with a security guard while shopping for lingerie.
Bra Bashing 3.18
Germaine gives up on the bra!
Summoning Santa 3.19
Germaine tries to summon Santa Claus using witchcraft.
Exotic Chocolates 3.20
Germaine gets a box of unique chocolates from an admirer.
Hatta's Rant 3.21
The Hatta does a rant of his own.
Germaines Web Cam 3.22
Germaine gets a web cam and starts doing crazy stuff.
Cell Phones and Car Ads 3.23
A rant about cell phones, cars, and various annoyances dealing with both.
User Agreement 3.24
Germaine actually takes the time to read a User Agreement while installing software only to find a few rather odd terms of service.
Tech Support III 3.25
A stuck pixel prompts another call to Tech-Support.
CD's 3.26
A rant about the beloved CD format.
Kosher Crackers 3.27
Pilz-E talks about the goodness that is his kosher cracker. Which leads Germaine to suspect he's been drastically misinformed about the meaning of "Kosher"
The Fat Song 3.28
Foamy sings a song about Germaine's fat @ss.
Restaurants 3.29
A rant about the ever annoying experience of eating somewhere.
Foamy Fan Mail IX 3.30
Your mail never ends! NEVER!
News 3.31
Foamy gets ticked off about news.
Dubbed In English 3.32
Foamy complains about crappy voice acting in dubbed Japanese anime.
Words And Phrases 3.33
A rant about the break down of the English language,
Fortune Cookie 3.34
Foamy ponders the mystery of the all mighty Fortune Cookie. I never get any good fortunes!
Pigeons 3.35
Germaine gets crapped on by Pigeons
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