Episodes 201 - 225 Neurotically Yours Episodes 251 - 275
Image Title Number
Your Move 226
Germaine has a plan to move while Foamy works on his cult.
Back Packin' It 227
The Hatta' talks about his education while Germaine works on a paper.
Travel Log 228
Germaine makes an entry in her diary while traveling north.
Quiet Please 229
While Germaine is away, Hatta' has a plan for her abandoned Morrissey CDs.
Travel Log II 230
The most important of the 3 Travel Log cartoons. Germaine comes to a realization about the world around her.
Small, Medium, Large & Larger 231
Foamy is introduced to a new coffee cup size. He is not pleased.
Post Cards From The Ledge 232
Foamy & Pilz-E receive a postcard from Germaine and prep for her return.
Travel Log III 233
Germaine's last Travel Log entry.
X - Mas Songs 234
A holiday rant about lack-luster holiday music.
Germaine Returns 235
Germaine returns from her travels!
The Scholarship 236
Germaine continues to get her life in order while Foamy mysteriously works at the computer.
Episode 234 - Equal Opportunity
Equal Opportunity 237
The Hatta's talks education while Germaine tries to work on a school paper.
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