Specials Episodes Neurotically Yours Episodes 026 - 050
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Distraction - Episode
Distractions 1.01
In the first ever episode of Neurotically Yours, Germaine finds it hard to get some peace and quiet while on her computer.
Pen Of Doom - Episodes
Pen of Doom 1.02
Germaine knows the pen is mightier than the sword.
Shower Of Terror
Shower of Terror 1.03
Germaine is attacked by Phantom Killer, but it's hardly a fair fight.
Cemetery Flakes - Episode
Cemetery Flakes 1.04
The graveyard is Foamy's playground.
Foamy Thoughts - Episode
Foamy Thoughts 1.05
Foamy has a lot of questions for Germaine.
Squirrel Talk
Squirrel Talk 1.06
Foamy goes on a rant about coffee and the comics.
Coffee Shop - Episode
Coffee Stop 1.07
Germaine is propositioned by Pickup Man, who she kills.
Almost Serious Suicide - Episode
Almost Serious Suicide 1.08
Germaine's about to commit suicide, and Foamy isn't helping.
A Postal Event - Episode
A Postal Event 1.09
Foamy tries to find out who smells like crap, and uncovers a terrorist in the process.
Club Advice - Episode
Club Advice 1.10
Germaine and Foamy attend a club, which Foamy thinks is pointless.
The Lollipop - episode
The Lollipop 1.11
Germaine steals a lollipop from Lollipop Boy, who is then killed.
A Musical View - Episode
A Musical View 1.12
Foamy has something to say about music.
Foamy Fan Mail I - Episode
Foamy Fan Mail 1.13
Foamy recieves emails from fans, both valid and horny.
Hypnotic Foamy - Episode
Hypnotic Foamy 1.14
Foamy becomes frustrated when his hypnotizing book doesn't work on Germaine.
5 More Minutes - Episodes
5 More Minutes 1.15
Germaine's too sleepy to give Foamy a ride to the bagel shop.
Form Letter - Episode
Form Letter 1.16
Germaine isn't too happy that her poetry wasn't accepted.
A Poetic Meal
A Poetic Meal 1.17
Germaine orders fast food poetically.
Foamy Fan Mail II - Episode
Foamy Fan Mail II 1.18
Foamy returns with a second set of letters. It won't be long until people start asking for Germaine getting naked, though.
Gas E-Pop - Episode
Gas E Pop 1.19
Germaine drinks a bottle of Gas-E-Pop and starts burping profusely. Foamy is not amused.
The Wallet - Episode
The Wallet 1.20
Foamy finds a wallet.
Meditational Melee - Episode
Meditational Melee 1.21
Foamy interupts Germaine as she meditates.
Super-Mystery Cult - Episode
Super-Mystery Cult 1.22
It's not just a cult. It's a SUPER MYSTERY cult.
Foamy's Rant - Episode
Foamy's Rant 1.23
Foamy runs off at the mouth about certain people he hates!
Las Vegas Metal Fest 2003 - Episode
Las Vegas Metal Fest 1.24
Toon for the 2003 first annual Metal-Fest in Las Vegas. There's Metallica Bashin' O' Plenty Too
Open Mic Night - Episode
Open Mic Night 1.25
Foamy & Germaine Go Crazy Beatnik On Yer Ass....or sumthin'
Foamy Fan Mail III 1.26
Foamy Puts An End To The Nonsense...
Nuts To You 1.27
Foamy & Pilz-E toss nuts at park goers.
Spell-A-Casters 1.28
Germaine Summons Spooky Powers, Foamy Is Skeptical.
Secret Admirer 1.29
Germiane Has A Secret Admirer...but does Foamy care? NO!
Elf Dreams 1.30
Even Germaine Has Fantasies...As Warped As They May Be.
Free Your Mind 1.31
Foamy's Rant II 1.32
Non-Holiday Special 1.33
Foamys Card Cult 1.34
Suggestion Box 1.35
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