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Welcome one and all to the third volume of the foamy card cult, Neurotically Yours. Well what's all this then? You silly bastard... well, the cartoon evolves around a sarcastic squirrel named Foamy and his squirrelly friends, Pilz-E, Begley, and The Hatta'... oh year, and his overly dramatic, perpetual lamenting "owner", Germaine. Foamy's trademark rants and Pilz-e's prescribed pill-popping a-plenty are all here in all their angst ridden glory. This collection contains episodes 71 through 105 plus additional material like, "FOAMY'S HURRICANE SPECIAL", and "DUCK OF EVIL". Also this collection contains the very first episode in which The Hatta' makes his debut appearance. Be amazed and spread the word of Foamy!!!


01: The Hatta 16: Halloween Hoopla 31: News
02: Yesterday Mail 17: Lewd Lingerie 32: Dubbed In English
03: Channels 18: Bra Bashing 33: Words & Phrases
04: A Pair Of Pants 19: Summoning Santa 34: Fortune Cookie
05: Biggest Fear 20: Exotic Chocolates 35: Pigeon!
06: Foamy Fan Mail VII 21: Hatta's Rant
07: Open Mic Night II 22: Germaine's Web Cam
08: Pancake Madness 23: Cell Phones & Car Ads
09: Hand-Made Clothes 24: User Agreement
10: Foamy Fan Mail VIII 25: Tech Support III
11: Sacred Space 26: CDs
12: Drugs In Your Head 27: Kosher Crackers
13: Unmentionable Auction 28: The Fat Song
14: Tech Support II 29: Restaurants
15: Voodeedoo 30: Foamy Fan Mail IX
  • 01: Telemarketer Tease
  • 02: Hurricane Special
  • 03: Ducky Of Evil
  • 04: Halloween Hoopla (Alternate Version One)
  • 05: No Christmas For You (Re-Worked)
  • 06: End Credits

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