Neurotically Yours : Comic Strip Collection]
Neurotically Yours - Comic Strip Collection

Publishers SummaryEdit

The first ever collection of Neurotically Yours Comic Strips awaits you all. That's right!!!All of Germaine & Foamy's web comic strips have been collected in this nifty edition of antiquated media containment. Also in this collection are the seeds of a new series called Yeti & Elf. Rare comic strips from the mind of Neurotically Yours creator, Jonathan Ian Mathers gives a peak into the future of all that may be, or may not be... which would make it even more rare. Of course if the series does take off, you can be one of those annoying people that say, Yeah, well, I knew about the series BEFORE it was a cartoon! (Bragging rights are important for some people.) BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Newly discovered sketches have been unearthed and preserved in this volume of Squirrelly goodness for all to see! These sketches have never been seen before and do not appear in the Neurotically Yours Big Book Of Doodles... which you really should own by now. Oh yeah, and two 4y-Records comic strips that have yet to be seen! (At least as of this writing, but you know how the web is, someone is gonna post it somewhere like a crack-baby) This is bathroom reading material at it's finest!

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