Neurotically Yours: Complete Collection
Neurotically Yours - The Complete Collection (Book)

Publishers SummaryEdit

The ultimate collection of the cult comic book Neurotically Yours awaits you! That's right, every issue of Germaine & Foamys miss-adventures has been collected and transmogrified into this nifty collection of readable goodness.

You'll enjoy such stories as:

  • God brings vengeance with acidic doughnuts!
  • The beginners guide to being a bitch hermit!
  • Evil, vile dreams! Discover the mysteries of The Vampire Bat-Kitten!
  • Live through dental horror!
  • Try to do school work while your room mate is having butt sex!
  • Satanic college students!
  • Vampire truths revealed!
  • Poetry!
  • Exploding boobs!
  • Soul searching!
  • Scones!
  • Gothic laments!
  • Intergalactic space pornos!
  • Spitballs in the afterlife!
  • Returning from the dead!
  • How to deal with friends who make porn!
  • Also, : The Joyful Suicides of Reese Wtherly and various 4y-Records comic strips!

Newly updated to included the never before released print version of Writer's Block, and The Neurotically Yours Relics Pages showcasing old world oddities from years gone by. It's fun for your brain!

There is no debate. This cult comic collection must be owned!

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