Low On The High End Since 1985
Cast Clerk
Manson Fan
Episode 1.01
Running time 0:52
Release date July 22, 2009
Producer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Writer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Animators(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Next Episode Our Name Is Jonas Since 1985

Publishers SummaryEdit

The first episode of a new series featuring a sarcastic record store clerk and the idiots he deals with every day.


Manson Fan
[I remember record stores] New Marilyn Manson album. I am so excited.
[I'm glad someone is] It sucks, dude. Sucks.
Manson Fan
No. [Yes] He can't suck. [Like Obama, "Yes he can"] He's the lord of darkness.
Manson Fan
[Foamy is lord and master] How could you say that? [You heard me!] (points) [No pointing] Blasphemer.
[This sign changes] Look, he's had consistently good albums up to and including The Golden Age of Grotesque; [Gross tech] after that, suck. [Say it again] Pure suck. You hear me? Suck.
Manson Fan: But...he's such.
[A metal mime?] Buy it or get out. [Manson Fan hands out money] [Money money money] Oh, yeah, here. The CD comes with a promotional Marilyn Manson guy-liner.
Manson Fan
[WTF] That is so sweet. [That is so sad] Thank you, dark lord
[You're welcome] Sh- shut up, dude. [Find some friends]

End screen appears.

[So scary] If "darkness" is another word for "suck", then he's certainly the lord and master.

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