iLL WiLL PrEss : Underground Comic Collection
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Publishers Summary[edit | edit source]

Rescued from almost certain destruction, the rarest of rare iLL WiLL PrEss comics have been preserved in this mighty collection. Some of these comics are so rare, that only five were made. Yeah, you heard me. FIVE! What's inside? Corporate America Rejected My Soul - The very first mini-comic created by Jonathan Ian Mathers. A sorrowful tale of a struggling artist trying to get by. It's a comedy! Dukkha : The Girl With Spooky Alien Powers - An abused child trades her parents to aliens in exchange for unworldly powers. Good fun! Gloomy Blue - A rather adult oriented comic featuring a hyper-sexual goth chick who gets into all sorts of crazy situations. NOT FOR THE KIDS! The Little Girl Named : Gnat - A creepy kid being raised by a dead-beat mom. Childhood laments and candy await you all! These comics were created back in the days when underground comics were printed on a cheap copier at the local candy store, and stapled together by hand. BY HAND! Countless hours were spent hunched over a copier in the dead of night sucking down coffee, and eating anything that had sugar in an effort to create and distribute these comic books. Most of these comic were sold or given away throughout the village streets of New York City. So unless you happened to be in the village area of NYC at the time these were available, you're probably not going to find them anywhere else, but here! RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE READERS!!!!

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