Free Your Mind
Free Your Mind - Episode
Cast Germaine
Episode 1.31
Running time 1:44
Release date 2003
Producer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Writer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Animators(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Previous Episode Elf Dreams
Next Episode Foamy's Rant II

Publishers SummaryEdit

Foamy tries to free Germaine's mind. Free your mind maaaannnn!


Wake up, Germaine... The Matrix has you...
Hey! I said wake up! Don't you realize, you're part of the Matrix, man?! All that surrounds you, it's not real. It's just a program run by a giant computer, stuck in the back of your head!
It's crazy!
Do you know who I am?! I am the one, I'm here to free your mind, man, to get you out of the system and back in reality!
All you have to do is free your mind. Free your mind, man! Free your mind…like I did! Watch! I know kung-fu!

Foamy does some kung-fu and eventually does his super cool flying kick

All right, what the fuck is this shit, oh, you know I just couldn't kick your ass. Normally, I have to go for the "super trippy slow-motion fuckin' combat move".
I'm gonna be here all week. Damn it, the Matrix did it me again! Don't move! I'll get to you eventually.

Foamy reaches for Germaine

Almost there! So close... so close. Free your mind. Free your mind... Oh, man.
You want something from the fridge?
Uh, yeah, hmm, maybe you can get me a soda.

3 Hours Later

Still stuck in mid air

Aw, c'mon! What is this?!

Ending screen appears.

Damn you Neo!!! Ahh!

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