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Foamy the Squirrel is the all-knowing, hyper-logical, ranting squirrel known throughout the lands for his Squirrelly Wrath & infamous cult. Well, he's working on a cult. He lives with Germaine, his goth chick owner, as her unassuming pet... when in reality, he's plotting to enlighten the world through infallible logic and enforce that logic with an army of robots created from discarded automatons and the brains of of his former dead owners. Crazy, no? His anger knows no bounds! He is your Lord & Master : FOAMY!!!

Relationships with other SquirrelsEdit

His best friends are other squirrels. Pillz-E, Begley, and The Hatta'. (Though he does seem to treat them badly from time to time.) He also has a grandfather that he has to deal with on a daily basis.

Relationships with GermaineEdit

While Foamy refers to Germaine as the owner, he doesn't consider her a friend. He often criticizes her, mainly due to Germaine's weight issues. He does occasionally use her for duties such as supplying him with cream cheese, buying him coffee, mailing his cult letters, and entertaining his friends when he is too annoyed with them.


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