Downloaded Out Of Business Since 1985
Cast Clerk
Guitar Hero Girl
Episode 1.05
Running time 1:03
Release date September 09, 2009
Producer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Writer(s) Jonathan Ian Mather
Animators(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Previous Episode Bending It Like Becker Since 1985
Next Episode Heavily Pixelated Since 1985

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[Where's Captain Kirk?]
Guiar Hero Girl
Dude, [Trash ahoy cookies] yo man, when does the Guitar Hero [Guitar Zero] tournament start?
Tonight at 6 PM
Guitar Hero Girl
Awesome, dude. I've been, like, practicing all week for this. [Great use of time] I'm been shredding, like, (makes noise and rocks out on her Guitar Hero guitar) [Wow you're annoying] I'm gonna rock. [You're gonna suck]
Dude, it's five buttons. [Real guitars sold here] You don't shred on five buttons. [Unless you're in Guitar Zeros]
Guitar Hero Girl
I shred, dude! I'm like Steve Vai of Guitar Hero! [Where's my Vai DLC]
You ever listen to music? I mean, without having a plastic turntable [WICKY WOO!] strapped to your hip? I mean, actual uncompressed music [128 bit rate sucks] on a disc or record? [I like records]
Guitar Hero Girl
I got my iPod [iPod doesn't count] all filled with all musics, dude. [Wish I had a flamethrower]
Yeah, those high-quality headphones they give you really reproduce the music with intense clarity. [If clarity means crap]
Guitar Hero Girl
And if it don't, I just make it louda! [Loud does not mean better] Whaaaaaaw, oh yeah! (rocks out on guitar controller) [This is why music sucks]
Alright, dude, get the fuck out of my store and never come back. I see you again, I shoot you in the face. [Tick tick boom!]

End Screen appears

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