Coffee Stop
Coffee Stop - Episode
Cast Germaine
Pickup Man
Episode 1.07
Running time 0:44
Release date 2003
Producer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Writer(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Animators(s) Jonathan Ian Mathers
Previous Episode Squirrel Talk
Next Episode Almost Serious Suicide

Pulishing SummaryEdit

Germaine is propositioned by Pickup Man, who she kills.


Blonde Guy
Hey girl you look fine you know what Im saying! Ill be like they guy for you let me give you my number… even though I’m white and I try to act black...

Echo effect and various jungle sounds.

...and that makes me cool.

Germaine grabs the guys head with her hand and snaps his neck as such Blonde guy makes a sound indicating his pain.

I go to get milk and you kill somebody! You know what that is? That’s manslaughter. That’s gonna get you like nine years in prison man! Are you crazy! Are you just out of your mind! Are you trying to get us all thrown into… Now I’m an accomplice, because I didn’t turn you in I’m an accomplice!
I hope you’re happy... Freak!

Ending screen appears.

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