Image Title Number
Low On The High End Since 1985 001
The first episode of a new series featuring a sarcastic record store clerk and the idiots he deals with every day.
Our Name Is Jonas Since 1985 002
The second episode of musical goodness.
Hanging The DJ Since 1985 003
Mindless consumerism or blind fan? Or Both?
Bending It Like Becker Since 1985 004
Musical knowledge makes this funnier.
Downloaded Out Of Business Since 1985 005
For the musical snob that looks at the Guitar Hero / Rock Band franchise as the death of all that is sacred about music... enjoy!
Heavily Pixelated Since 1985 006
Some people have no clue...
Laughing At Monkeys In Heaven Since 1985 007
Box sets. A nifty collector's item or a way to abuse the music collector.
Open Every Friday The 13th SInce 1985 008
It's all in the reflexes.
Playing The Game Of Life Since 1985 009
Because everyone else is playing... you should too.
Avoiding Chicken Soup Since 1985 010
Chicken soup is not always good for your soul.
Part of the Zombie Nation Since 1985 011
Suggesting things can be tedious.
Unconcerned About Our Youth Since 1985 012
Warcraft will keep your kids busy...
Still Alive Since 1985 013
Certain exclusives are not so exclusive.
Every Day Is Record Store Day Since 1985 014
Support your local record shop. Record Store day is April 17th!
Uncompressed Since 1985 015
Staring At The Monster Since 1985 016
Because flash does not equal substance.
Pumpkin Smashing Since 1985 017
Some stuff is just too gimmicky even by my standards.
100101011100 Since 1985 018
Ugh. Old people.
Left Rights Special 019
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